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Teaching Kids Financial Skills Early

raining piggy banks

Teaching children about finance is crucial for their future financial well-being. Start by introducing basic concepts early. Use a clear jar to save money, allowing them to see their savings grow. Explain the difference between needs and wants during shopping trips, emphasizing budgeting.

Incorporate fun activities like setting up a mock store at home where children can use play money. This helps them understand transactions and the value of money. Give them a small allowance and encourage saving a portion. Open a savings account in their name and involve them in tracking their balance. Check out our Youth Accounts.

For older children, discuss more complex topics such as credit, interest, and investments. Use age-appropriate books and online games focused on financial literacy. Involve them in family budgeting and bill payments to provide practical experience.

Teaching by example is also effective. Demonstrate smart financial decisions and discuss your choices openly.

These steps will instill financial responsibility and prepare them for the future.

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