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Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction is a timesaving and convenient way to get immediate access to your paycheck. You can have your entire paycheck or part of it deposited into your account and have funds available to you as soon as it comes in. This is a fast & easy way to build up your savings or make loan payments.

Direct Deposit for your IRS Refund

IRS Direct Deposit is safe (checks can get lost or stolen), easy (save time, postage, and trees), and fast (refunds arrive up to 3 weeks earlier). Use the appropriate line under "Refund" on Form 1040 to deposit into your credit union account. You can also select up to three financial accounts for direct deposit of your tax refund. You can choose among IRA accounts, checking and savings accounts. You decide which combination is best for you. Use IRS Form 8888 to split your refund. Learn more at

Direct Deposit

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