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As simple as texting your friends!


You can now speak to a LLFCU Member Service Representative via text to ask a question, request information, and sign documents!*

Call or text us at:

  • Operations: 909-266-0463

  • Loans: 909-266-0464

  • Collections: 909-266-0465

Your account balances are a text away!


Text Message Banking makes it easy to access account balances and transactions, right on your mobile phone. It’s the fastest way to get your balances – anytime, anywhere.

For quick access to your account balance, please text any of the codes below to 454545

BAL (or BALANCE) – System returns the current and available balance on the primary

BAL CHK (or BAL CHECK, BAL CHECKING ACCOUNT) – System returns the current
account balances of all active checking accounts

the current balances all active savings accounts4

BAL ALL (or ALL BAL, BALANCE ALL, ALL BALANCE) – System returns the current
balances for all of the user’s active accounts5

LAST (or LAST5, LAST 5, LAST FIVE, LAST TRANS) – System returns the most recent
five transactions on their primary account

TRANS (or TRANSFER, TRAN, T) + $amount – System returns updated balances for the
transfer account and the primary account. (Note: dollar sign is not necessary)

HELP (or HLP) – System returns information related to using text message banking

STOP (or END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT) – System terminates text message
banking for that phone. 

Secure access to your balances and transactions

Not only is Text Message Banking fast and free*, it is secure. You must first log into our secure online banking site and have your phone in your possession in order to complete enrollment. We text an activation code to your phone that you must enter into the online banking site in order to activate Text Message Banking. Also, we never send confidential information such as user ID’s, passwords, or complete account numbers via Text Message Banking.

Learn more and get started today!

To get started with Text Message Banking, log into Online Banking and look for the Mobile Banking & Alerts button to activate your phone.

*Available during business hours. Opt-in text messaging required. Standard carrier rates and fees apply.

Text Banking

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