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With our Person-to-Person (P2P) payment feature, it's easier than ever to send money directly to family and friends, regardless of where they bank.


Quick, Convenient, and Secure: Effortlessly make payments with just a mobile number or email address. Enjoy flexible delivery options, guaranteed fraud protection, good funds settlement, and direct crediting to checking and savings accounts or debit cards.


Flexible Delivery Options: Whether it’s splitting the dinner bill, sending a birthday gift, or paying the babysitter, our P2P payments are credited directly to checking and savings accounts or even debit cards, giving you and your recipient complete convenience and control.


Start Using P2P Today: Begin making quick, real-time payments now and see how easy sending money can be!


Not yet using our mobile app yet? Download it today from your app store and take advantage of all the powerful features we've designed with you in mind.

Person-to-Person Payments

Send money to family and friends with ease - just like you would with Zelle or Venmo! 

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