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Teaching your kids financial responsibility is a lifelong tool they can use!


Your credit union’s new and exciting savings program developed especially for anyone under 17. Boom! is designed to help parents introduce their teens to the world of personal finance. In this era of debit cards, dot-com companies, and the abundance of online purchases, solid financial knowledge is essential to your child’s financial future. That’s why we’re offering Boom! to give our teens the tools they need to develop into financially responsible adults. As a member of Boom!, your child will have a savings account and learn to develop savings goals.


Features of our new teen financial services program include:

  • Savings account with a $5 deposit requirement.

  • Quarterly statements to teach teens the importance of financial management.


There is absolutely no cost involved in joining Boom!. Just a minimum initial $5 to open their new account. And anyone who joins Boom! can remain a member of the credit union for life, no matter where they live or work (as long as they maintain membership in good standing). Help your teen take his/her first step toward financial independence and responsibility. Visit the credit union today to open a Boom! account for your teen, and assure their financial well being tomorrow. For more information about our Boom! checking accounts, please call or visit our branch.

Boom! Checking

  • A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open your Boom! Checking Account.

  • Member must be 16 to 17 years old.

  • No monthly fee

  • Dividend paid on accounts with a monthly average balance of $300 or more.

  • Must have joint account status with a parent or legal guardian.

  • Free eStatements

  • Free Online Banking

Kids Accounts

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