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The La Loma Express Line audio response system will allow you to access your account seven days a week around the clock. Use Express Line for inquiries on your savings, checking and loan balances, for transfers between your savings and checking, loan payments, verifying which checks have cleared and more.

To use Express Line, you must use your member number, access code (received when you apply for the Express Line), and the account or loan numbers you wish to access.

On a touch-tone phone dial (909)796-2558 or (888)2LA-LOMA. The system will prompt you for (1)English or (2)Spanish. The system will then prompt for your member number followed by the # sign. Please wait for the next prompt and enter your access code followed by the # sign.


Example: Member number 999999# Access code 1111#

Please follow the prompts for account balance, transfers, etc.

Express Line

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